Public Speaking

In preparation for our Book Talk Presentations students will complete guided notes on each of the following TED Talks as homework.  One video per night is suggested beginning Monday, January 8th – Thursday, January 11th.  The booklet is due on Tuesday, January 16th.

Juilan Treasure: “How to speak so that people want to listen” (10 minutes)

Video Objective: I can list ways to make the content and delivery of my speaking more effective.

Essential Question: What can you do with your voice to be a better formal and informal speaker?


Amy Cuddy: “Your body language shapes who you are” (21 minutes)

Video Objective: I can describe how non-verbals can impact my short and long term behavior.

Essential Question: What is the relationship between your behavior and your success?


Christopher Emdin: “Teach Teachers How To Create Magic” (7 minutes)

Video Objective: I can list ways to keep an audience’s attention.

Essential Question: How do you create “magic” while public speaking?

Note: This TED Talk’s target audience is teachers and people in the education industry, HOWEVER, his points still apply to all public speakers.  Don’t be distracted by the focus on the classroom; listen critically and think about what he is suggesting about how to keep an audience’s attention.


Nancy Duarte: “The Secret Structure of Great Talks” (18 minutes)

Video Objective: I can describe the characteristics of effective speech structures.

Essential Questions:

Does the order of ideas matter which public speaking?

Are storytelling and speaking the same thing?

How do good presenters involve their audiences?

How do good presenters use details in their speeches?